4.2.1 Program Presenter Information

Click here to download this customizable Presenter Information sheet. As you will see by the sample below, there is much to customize for your specific chapter.


Chapter Program Presenter Information

We are delighted that you are a presenter for ACAP Foothills in 2022!  We want to be sure you have all pertinent information. 

The mission of ACAP Foothills (Adult Children of Aging Parents) is to provide information, resources, support, and community for adult children as they care for their aging parents and for themselves. You may learn more about ACAP Foothills by visiting www.ACAPcommunity.org, contacting Frances Hall (fhall@ACAPcommunity.org), or calling 877-599-2227. 

To ensure you have all pertinent information regarding ACAP Foothills programs and presentations, please find enclosed:

  1. Program Details – Providing information about ACAP, location of venue, date/time of program, program format, etc.
  2. ACAP Guiding Principles
  3. ACAP Presenter Authorization Regarding Virtual and Hybrid Programs – We will appreciate your authorization to save your presentation to our website and YouTube
  4. Program Outline – Program title, description, anticipated learning outcomes, and presentation outline

Program Details

ACAP Foothills Programs:  ACAP Foothills meets on the second Thursday of each month in the main branch of the Catawba County Library, 115 West C Street, Newton, NC, lower level, unless otherwise stated.

Program Publicity:  Several weeks prior to the ACAP Foothills program, publicity is sent to participants, prospective attendees, and media partners.  To help publicize the program, presenters are asked to provide brief introductory information for publicity and introduction during the program.

ACAP Program Format:  ACAP Foothills meets 5:30-7:00 p.m.

5:30 – 5:45           Welcome, announcements, and introductions

5:45 – 6:30           Presentation

6:30 – 7:00           Q&A

7:00                      Wrap-up

Presenters are asked to arrive at the library by 5:00 p.m.  (Note:  Sponsors provide light refreshments prior to the program. Feel free to have a snack before the program.)

Program Location: ACAP Foothills meets in the main branch of the Catawba County Library, 115 West C Street, Newton, NC. Use the back parking lot and enter the lower level of the library. Follow ACAP signs to enter event room.

To reach the library from Hickory, take Business 321 in Conover, pass the Catawba County Justice Center (on your right), and take a left on West C Street at the first stoplight. Bear right onto West D Street, and take the 2nd left onto S. Ashe Ave. The library is a short distance on the left.

To reach the library from Hwy 16 North, travel north into Newton on East D Street to downtown, and take a right onto S. Ashe Ave. The library is a short distance on the left.

To reach the library through downtown Newton, pass the Catawba County Museum of History (to your left) on S. Main Ave. (Hwy 16), travel 3 blocks and take a right on West C Street. In one block, take a left on S. Ashe Ave. The library is on the corner. Turn right into the back lot and enter the lower level.

Compensation:  Please know how grateful we are for your willingness to offer your time and expertise, gratis.  ACAP presenters are not compensated.

Contact Information:  Should you need to reach us with issues prior to your ACAP program, please feel free to reach us at 1-877-599-2227.