ACAPcommunity is growing!  Conversations are beginning in North Carolina, Georgia and elsewhere!  If you are interested in learning more about establishing an ACAP chapter in your area, please let us know!  We will be happy to talk with you!

What you need to know about establishing an ACAPcommunity chapter in your area

What is an ACAP chapter?

An ACAPcommunity chapter is an ongoing, local, community-based opportunity for adult-children caring for their aging parents to gather each month for face-to-face, cost-free educational programs that are facilitated by content-experts through which caregivers receive information, resources, support and community.  Although programs are open to all, they are designed specifically for adult-child caregivers, recognizing the unique relationship between parent and child and, therefore, the uniqueness of caregiving dynamics as parents age.

Chapters’ monthly educational programs are based on a nationally-validated curriculum.  Understanding the joys as well as challenges of caring for aging parents, ACAP programs provide education, insights and support for the caregiving journey while also encouraging the adult-child’s care of herself / himself and consideration of preparation for her / his own elderhood.

With support from ACAPcommunity, ACAP chapters are guided by a local steering committee and chapter coordinator who develop an annual calendar of programs from the ACAPcommunity curriculum, an array of seminars designed by teams of adult-child caregivers and professionals in caregiving and aging. Programs have been proven to increase caregivers’ knowledge, skills, and resources about aging and caregiving as well as providing support and community, enabling caregivers to feel less stressed and more balanced both at home and at work.


Would my community be a good location for an ACAP chapter?

Any community may be considered for establishing an ACAPcommunity chapter. However, communities that are most successful with an ACAP chapter are those that already offer:

  • A community-based network of professionals who are concerned about aging and caregiving services.
  • Collaborative relationships between Area Agencies on Aging, diverse housing and health care organizations / agencies, colleges and universities, public transit systems, churches and other faith-based organizations, recreation services, and elected officials and municipalities.
  • A strong desire to offer education and support to adult-child caregivers and their families in order to enhance caregiver knowledge, skills, and advocacy.


How do we begin an ACAP chapter? 

  • Become familiar with ACAP’s mission, guiding principles, and curriculum. Learn more at
  • Begin (or continue) conversations with adult-child caregivers in your community.
  • Contact Frances S. Hall, Executive Director, at or 877-599-ACAP / 877-599-2227.

Now, let’s get started on developing an ACAP chapter in your community!