2.3 Leadership Team Roles

2.3.1 Leadership Team Roles

Click here for a high-level overview of Leadership Team roles. For a more thorough look at role descriptions and primary tasks, continue below.

2.3.2 Chapter Coordinator Role Description Script – Chapter Program Facilitator

2.3.3 Finance Team Finance Team Overview Typical Chapter Expenses Invoice Preparing for Monthly Programs Finance Details

2.3.4 Marketing Liaison Team Marketing Liaison Team Overview Photo-Video Release 2022

2.3.5 Programming Team Programming Team Overview Items Needed at Programs Presenter Authorization 2023 Steps in Planning and Confirming Initial Programs

2.3.6 Sponsorship Team Sponsorship Team Overview Steps in Planning and Confirming Initial Programs Overview Details – Program Sponsorships Preparing for Monthly Programs Sample Letter – Program Sponsorship Details Follow-up – Program Sponsors Sponsorship Packets Core and Chapter Sponsorship Packet; see also 1.3.1 Solicitation Letter – Core and Chapter Sponsors Core and Chapter Sponsorships Commitment Form – Core and Chapter Sponsors ACAP Guiding Principles W-9 Form Program Sponsor Packet Become an ACAP Sponsor ACAP Guiding Principles Program Sponsor Commitment Form Program Schedule – Flyer W-9 Form; see also

2.3.7 Technology Team Technology Team Overview Digital Marketing Technical Notes Pre-Event Looping Slide Deck StreamYard Training Document Alan

2.3.8 Venue & Hospitality Team Venue & Hospitality Team Overview