4.2 Presenter Packet

The documents on this page comprise a Presenter packet, which may be customized by chapter, printed, and distributed to program presenters.

4.2.1 Program Presenter Information

Download and customize this document to give your presenters all the information they need to prepare and deliver their program. This is one of several documents in the Presenter Packet.

4.2.2 ACAP Guiding Principles

ACAP Guiding Principles provide the framework for all ACAP chapters and activities. Download the pdf document to include in the Presenter Packet.

4.2.3 Presenter Authorization Form

The ACAP Presenter Authorization Form protects both presenters and ACAP and clarifies the level of commitment from the presenter. The presenter is given an opportunity to grant specific permissions for the use of their presentations and intellectual property, or to withhold the same after their live presentation. It also releases ACAP from claims and liabilities regarding use of the presenter’s materials. Download and complete the form for each program, and keep the completed form on file with other important documents for your chapter.

4.2.4 ACAP Program Example

The ACAP Program Example helps presenters understand ACAP’s expectations for their program delivery. The Program Example contains a description of expected program content, as well as anticipated participant learning outcomes. Within these parameters, presenters enjoy freedom to deliver the program according to their personal and professional expertise.

4.2.5 Sales and Promotions at Programs

ACAP, as a non-profit entity, is focused on providing free education to the community. This document clarifies ACAP’s position on the sales of products and services during ACAP programs, including presenters promoting their business, selling books, or marketing other materials or services.