ACAP (Adult Children of Aging Parents) was launched in 2012 in Hickory, NC, as a community-based program, becoming ACAPcommunity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, a year later in preparation for expansion beyond western North Carolina.  Based on its nationally-validated curriculum, ACAPcommunity provides a variety of educational programs that offer information, resources, support and community for adult-children as they care for their aging parents and for themselves.  Local chapters (currently in North Carolina and Pennsylvania) provide free face-to-face monthly educational programs and an annual conference that address the myriad issues related to adult-child caregiving.  Local content-experts serve as speakers, and local businesses provide resources for attendees.  In addition, through its website, ACAPcommunity offers audio podcasts dealing with a wide range of concerns related to aging, caregiving and family dynamics.  Although focused on adult-child caregivers, ACAP programs are open to all who are interested and encourage caring for one’s own needs and learning strategies to help prepare for one own’s aging while caring for an elder loved one.

Since beginning in the Hickory area, ACAP has grown tremendously, testimony to the significant need adult-children have for support during their journey with aging parents.  Read about the demographics of ACAP participants and the program’s impact here.  ACAPcommunity’s unique Guiding Principles serve as the organization’s foundation and framework, ensuring its  commitment to an educational core, the teaching of evidence-based information and the implementation of best practices. Read ACAP’s Guiding Principles

Frances Hall, the founder of ACAP, along with Jane Everson, co-founder of ACAPcommunity, know first-hand, the joys and privilege of journeying with aging parents.  They also understand some of the complexities and challenges of accompanying a parent as she/he ages.  Learn more about their stories as adult-children of aging parents and how and why they began ACAPcommunity.