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4.1 Core and Chapter Sponsorship Packet

The documents on this page comprise a Core and Chapter Sponsorship packet, which may be customized by chapter, printed, and distributed for solicitation of new Core and Chapter Sponsors.

A separate packet is available for potential Program Sponsors.

4.1.1 Solicitation Letter – Core and Chapter Sponsors

Download this MS Word sample letter template, customize for your chapter, save to your computer for future use, and use to solicit Core and Chapter Sponsorships for chapter start-up funding and future larger sponsorships.

4.1.2 ACAP Core and Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities

Include this downloadable pdf document in your Core and Chapter Sponsorship packet to provide details to potential sponsors.

4.1.3 Commitment Form – Core and Chapter Sponsors

Download this Core and Chapter Sponsorship Commitment Form, which provides critical information about your sponsor. This form should be mailed with the sponsor’s check, or mailed immediately after transfer of sponsor funds.

4.1.4 ACAP Guiding Principles

Click above to download the printable ACAP Guiding Principles document.

4.1.5 W-9 Form

Some sponsors may request a W-9. Chapters may use the ACAPcommunity W-9, or if a chapter-specific W-9 is needed, please let ACAPcommunity know. The ACAPcommunity W-9 is available here.