4.3 Program Sponsor Packet – DRAFT V2

4.3 Program Sponsor Packet

The Program Sponsor Packet contains documents you will need to engage businesses, agencies, and organizations to consider becoming a sponsor for your monthly programs. Download, customize, and print for your chapter.

A separate packet is available for potential Core and Chapter Sponsors.

4.3.1 Become an ACAP Sponsor

This customizable template allows you to insert your chapter name, your chapter’s sponsorship fees, contact information, and directions to your monthly programs. The center section highlights sponsorship benefits.

4.3.2 ACAP Guiding Principles

The ACAP Guiding Principles document provides the framework for all ACAP chapters and activities. A copy of the Guiding Principles should be included in the Program Sponsor Packet.

4.3.3 Program Sponsor Commitment Form

The Program Sponsorship Commitment Form should be completed by the chapter and the program sponsor and remitted with the sponsorship funds.

4.3.4 Program Schedule – Flyer

Each chapter should have its own annual schedule of programs for inclusion in packets, as well as distribution at monthly programs. A sample flyer is provided for reference.

4.3.5 W-9 Form

Download the editable W-9 Form and customize for your chapter. Various individuals or entities with whom you conduct business may need this documentation to file various reports or returns.