3.1 New Chapter Launch and Beyond

After launching your chapter, your Leadership Team will continue planning and offering monthly programs, strengthening your chapter visibility, adding contacts in all three email audience lists, and marketing your chapter within your community.  The primary goals of this phase are to begin offering programs and grow the chapter. Key activities include:

  • Present Programs #2-6
  • Plan and present Programs #7-12
  • Plan and present Programs #12+
  • Continue to add new names and email addresses for each of the three email audiences
  • Increase visibility of the chapter
  • Ensure the chapter’s financial sustainability
  • Participate in ACAPcommunity activities to strengthen individual chapters and the organization as a whole

The entire Leadership Team is critical to this phase.


Continue planning and offering one program each month.

  • Begin to watch for attendance trends. 
  • Be aware of regular attendees.
  • Note formal and informal feedback from participants, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Address anything you believe would make your programs’ experience better for in-person and virtual attendees.
  • Continue to market your chapter, and be sure to add new contacts to your email list. 

After your third program, the Programming Team will begin putting together Programs #7-12, completing your first year as an ACAP chapter. Two of those programs should be the remaining programs on the list of eight initial programs, but beyond that, you have the opportunity to decide which programs you wish to offer your community. See the Curriculum for program options.  Please be sure to offer two programs per module each year. 


Continue to engage 1-3 sponsors for each program. You may wish to feature your Core and Chapter Sponsors for the first several programs, then begin involving Program Sponsors. Remember that sponsors are important for two reasons: (1) they provide ongoing funding for your chapter, and (2) they offer resources for attendees. In addition, your chapter is helping your sponsors connect with those they serve.

Continue looking for additional possibilities for Core, Chapter, and Program Sponsors. You will find details regarding fees and benefits here. Please note that these are ACAPcommunity recommendations. Possibly, your chapter’s fees and/or benefits are different.

A new chapter has instituted Legacy Sponsors, envisioning these sponsors to be individuals who make a substantial investment in the chapter in honor or memory of a loved one.


To continue making sure program attendance and chapter finances are solid, quarterly and annual reports are requested. 


Marketing is an ongoing activity for ACAP chapters. Please review the earlier Marketing section of the Chapter Guide and the list of resources for identifying speakers, sponsors, publicity partners, and Leadership Team members (when needed).

ACAP Chapter Fees

Digital Marketing

Beginning with the month your chapter launches, you will join other chapters and ACAPcommunity in covering the cost for digital marketing:

  • Maintaining and updating your web page
  • Developing and sending your program emails, flyers, and/or press releases to three audiences (potential attendees, media, other organizations)
  • Creating and posting upcoming program information on your chapter’s social media sites
  • Providing assistance and backup with livestreaming your monthly programs

Digital marketing fees may be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly, and the chapter will be invoiced.

In that the digital marketing fees vary from year to year, ACAPcommunity will let you know your share well ahead of your launch so you may be prepared.

Chapter Renewal Fee

The month prior to your launch anniversary month, your Chapter Renewal Fee ($3,000) will be due to ACAPcommunity.  Your chapter will receive an invoice the prior month. This Renewal Fee provides for:

  • Continued official recognition as a local ACAP chapter and involvement in the growing ACAPcommunity network
  • Ongoing support via monthly Chapter Coordinators meetings and individual ACAPcommunity support, as needed
  • Involvement in and receipt of Curriculum, programmatic, and other updatesOpportunity to participate in national/international symposium, furthering support for your local caregivers
  • Ongoing networking among all ACAP chapter Leadership Teams

Other Possible Expenses

Chapters incur additional expenses such as post office box rental and venue costs. In addition, chapters may need to furnish refreshments for their programs, and sometimes chapters need to purchase liability insurance to ensure coverage at programs. Expenses, Sponsorships, and Fundraising outline these additional costs.

As part of the Chapter Establishment Fee, new chapters received Start-Up Kit materials when they began. However, as replacements and/or other materials are needed, the costs are the responsibility of the chapter.