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2.7 Venue and Hospitality

The Ideal ACAP Program Venue

The decision about your chapter’s venue is one of the most important and far-reaching decisions your chapter will make, and there is much to consider. Although there are additional details, the Venue/Hospitality and Technology Teams will consider, in a nutshell, the ideal ACAP program venue:

  1. Is “neutral” and welcoming of all
    • Avoid selecting a venue that may be perceived as exclusive/excessively expensive, neglected, unwelcoming of particular populations, etc.
    • Avoid venues that may be perceived as offering the organization unfair marketing/visibility advantage (CCRCs, etc.)
  2. Is convenient and easy to find – facility, specific building, and rooms to be used – and will accommodate outdoor directional signage
    • A portico is an added plus!
  3. Is centrally located within your chapter’s footprint and in a safe area (by perception and fact)
  4. Is barrier-free, has convenient presentation area that will accommodate 50-70, yet intimate enough for groups of 10 or fewer, and has a separate lobby for registration
  5. Has well-lighted, safe parking with adequate and convenient handicapped spaces
  6. Offers strong technology and Wi-Fi and has a microphone system that may be used
  7. Offers tables and chairs for attendees as well as additional tables for displays
  8. Has storage that you will be able to use to store materials between programs
  9. Will offer the space at no cost or low cost
  10. Will help publicize your programs
  11. Provides liability insurance coverage

If you know of such a facility, feel free to suggest it to your Venue/Hospitality Team.