2.4.4 ACAP Chapter Start-up Kit

New ACAP chapters receive a Start-Up Kit, materials that will be helpful as you begin programming. The kit is part of your Chapter Establishment Fee and provides:

  • Chapter banner (retractable)
  • ACAP table covering
  • Leadership Team name badges
  • ACAP tumblers for Leadership Team
  • Participant name tags
  • Chapter rack cards (2,000)
  • Leadership Team business cards
  • Chapter personalized pens
  • Printed 6-month schedule (500 copies)
  • Outdoor directional signs (5)
  • Online QuickBooks software
  • Digital marketing set-ups
    • Dedicated web page
    • MailChimp “account”
    • Facebook page
    • LinkedIn page

Start-up kit materials will be ordered for your chapter as soon as ACAPcommunity receives from the chapter:

  • Chapter name
  • Mailing address
  • Venue address
  • Day and time of monthly programs
  • Chapter phone number