Tourist in My Town: Community Resources and Activities for Keeping Older Loved Ones Engaged

This ACAP program will help participants become aware of local resources and services and the important role that community programs, clubs and leisure service organizations serve in helping their loved ones remain socially engaged, while also clarifying the relationship between loneliness/social isolation and health and how to identify signs and symptoms of loneliness and social isolation.

Speaker: Karin McDaniel-Executive Director, Jill McLelland-Director of Operations at Adult Life Programs in Catawba County

Aging can bring about numerous challenges that can make developing new relationships extremely difficult and put an enormous strain on existing relationships with loved ones and caregivers. Challenges such as the death of loved ones, a decline in physical and mental functioning, a lack of income, not having access to transportation, and life-course changes such as retirement can result in social isolation and loneliness, now recognized as significant public health issues due to their negative effect on health and quality of life among older adults. Over a prolonged period, these are greater predictors of premature death than many other chronic health issues.

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