Tough Talks: Holding Difficult Conversations With Your Parents

This program will help adult children prepare for and hold conversations with their aging parents about legal and financial issues, driving, and independent living so that adult children and their aging parents feel more confident that estate planning, financial decisions, driving decisions, and independent living issues are being comprehensively and effectively addressed.


Talking with aging parents about their legal and financial issues, driving, and independent living can be challenging for many adult children. Rationally, we know these are important conversations to have to reduce uncertainty and minimize conflict for everyone. Emotionally, however, we may be concerned that our parents will think we are only interested in our inheritance, or that we are overly concerned about their cognitive abilities to manage their affairs. In addition, in many families, money management may be a source of tension between parents and their children, and so, having adult children ask questions and take on even minor aspects of financial management creates anxiety for everyone. Add divorced households, blended families, and extended family into the picture and you quickly understand why many of us avoid these conversations for as long as possible!

SPONSORED BY: Dan Swan, Independent LegalShield Associate

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