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The Aging Toolbox: Practical Tips for Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones

This program will provide adult-children with practical tips and tools to use for gathering information when visiting aging parents, along with strategies for holding conversations with siblings and other family members about needs and services. In addition, this program addresses practical guidance for hands-on caregiving and when to get additional help.


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PRESENTER: Karen Phoenix, Project CARE Family Consultant, Western Piedmont Council of Governments

When adult children visit their aging parents who live on their own and/or who live at a geographic distance, visits “home” can provide bittersweet opportunities to observe and evaluate their parents’ abilities and challenges. Sometimes the signs of decline are clearly visible – a paper trail of late or unpaid bills, poor hygiene, a neglected environment, spoiled or minimal food in the refrigerator, or suspicious dents or scratches on the vehicle or garage door. Other times, the signs are less apparent – or perhaps we excuse them or don’t see them during the flurry of a holiday visit or time with siblings and extended family. What should we be looking for? What do we do when we see signs of neglect and decline?

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