Thank You For Your Service: Veterans’ Affairs Benefits

Learn about Veterans Affairs programs that may benefit veterans and their spouses. Become more informed regarding health, medical care and service coverage.

Speaker: Betsy Graham, Veterans Services Officer New Hanover County – Veterans Services

Many older adults have served in the Armed Forces and may be eligible for and depend on federally-funded Veteran Affairs (VA) programs and services. VA benefits may provide services associated with financial assistance and medical and hospitalization insurance coverage. VA programs are separate from other programs and may differ in eligibility requirements and service coverage.

This program will help adult children to understand Veteran Affairs programs that may benefit their aging parents so that they be more informed advocates for their aging parents’ health and medical care and service coverage.


PLEASE NOTE: We had an issue with sound, so that you cannot hear the audio until about 9 minutes 18 seconds into the program. You can still see the information on the slides up until that point. Thank you for your understanding!

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