Aging in Place Safety Tips

Many older adults want to remain in their homes as long as possible as they age. This concept, known as “aging in place,” means living in one’s home safely, comfortably, and as independently as possible regardless of age or ability levels. How can adult-children and their parents assess whether the parents’ home is safe and accessible? What remodeling and modifications are possible and appropriate to help parents age in place? How do you find someone to help with remodeling and modifications?

Aging in Place Safety Tips

Program Presenters:  Linda Pollock, CAPS, CLIPP – Founder and CEO, Setting the Stage LLC, and Joan Timbang, Physical Therapist – Owner of Way Rehab Services and co-owner of Post at Home, LLC

ACAP Bergen County’s first monthly program, “Safely Staying Put:  Aging in Place,” will help adult-children and others understand the concept of aging in place, assess parents’ and older adult loved ones’ homes for safety and accessibility concerns, and become familiar with potential home remodeling and modifications that can help make their parents’ dreams of staying in the home as long as possible a reality, and learn tips for preserving functional mobility to maintain fitness and techniques for safely performing transfers.  Speakers for the program are Linda Chinman Pollock, Founder and CEO of Setting the Stage, LLC, and Joan Timbang, Physical Therapist, owner of Way Rehab Services, and co-owner of Post at Home, LLC.

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