Keeping Loved Ones Safe and Engaged From a Distance

This ACAP program will assist participants in developing long-distance knowledge about and skills to: 1) Compile and manage parental records before an emergency occurs; 2) Recognize the signs of depression, neglect and/or abuse; 3) Put in place strategies for making home visits and long-distance contacts more productive; 4) Research and manage technology and other resources to enhance parents’ safety and engagement in their home community; and 5) Evaluate the need for new or changes in in-home, residential-care and/or community support services.

Keeping Loved Ones Safe and Engaged From a Distance

Speaker: Jill McKenrick, Director of Sales & Marketing at Juniper Communities

The latter half of the twentieth century brought dramatic changes to women’s and men’s roles in the labor market and in their extended families. It also brought dramatic changes to medical and health care, enabling people to live longer and often more independently. The result is a generation of adult-children and other family members who may not live in the same community, or even the same state or country, as their aging parents.

Caregiving from a distance provides unique challenges for adult-children and aging parents. This program presents strategies for helping keep your loved one engaged and safe, methods for researching resources in your parent’s home community, and suggestions for managing their needs and resources from a distance.


Click to view the livestream of this event at 5:30pm on July 11th

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