Battle of the Bills: Mitigating Financial Impact as Loved Ones Need More Care

This ACAP program is aimed at helping participants become aware of sources of funding to help offset medical and long-term care expenses, including private individual/family resources, long-term care insurance, federal and state programs, VA benefits, life insurance policies, reverse mortgages, and other vehicles for realizing needed funds. Please note: While ACAP programs offer valuable information, it is important to consult with one’s financial advisor, attorney, or other appropriate professional before making any financial decisions.

Presenter: Kimberly H. Whitley, Managing Partner Patrick, Harper and Dixon

Many older adults, as well as their families, experience stress and anxiety regarding the cost of medical and long-term care. Often, a nagging question is, “If additional care is needed, either because of illness, accident or decline, and lengthy hospitalization, in-home care, and/or long-term care in a residential facility are needed, how do we pay for it?” Although many individuals and families designate funds for such a purpose, the cost of care in many instances consumes a larger portion of monthly income than anticipated.

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