Aging: The Next Stage of Life

Learning about the psychological and developmental aspects of aging can help us open a new window on our understanding of aging - enabling us to appreciate and communicate more effectively with aging family members and enabling us to be better caregivers for them - and for ourselves. This program will provide adult-child caregivers with a framework for understanding aging as a psychological and developmental process along with strategies for enhancing our relationships and experiences with the aging process and our aging parents.

Aging: The Next Stage of Life

SPEAKER:  Virginia Wright, MD-Kintegra

Developmental psychologists can help us understand life as a series of developmental stages. Each stage, for example, is associated with specific tasks that help us to move from one stage to the next, and help us to make sense of our contributions, accomplishments, challenges, and losses. As our parents age, and as we age with them, we all experience somewhat predictable biological, cognitive, and psychosocial changes.

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