Since 2013, ACAP Hickory has surveyed participants each year to learn more about who they are, their caregiving situation and their needs related to caregiving and ACAP programs.  The 2015 survey has just been compiled.  Clearly, ACAP is having significant impact!

  • 100% of the respondents tell us they have learned new information from attending an ACAP program.
  • 90% of the respondents feel more confident, 77% feel less anxious, and 74% feel more balanced at work and/or at home. Interestingly,  people who have attended ACAP-Hickory five or more times report feeling more confident, less anxious, and more balanced at home and at work than do participants who have attended fewer programs.
  • 84% agree that they have learned about new resources and/or new caregiving skills.
  • 64% said they felt they were doing a better job of balancing work life with home responsibilities after attending ACAP.
  • Of particular note is the increase in participants who indicate that their reason for attending ACAP-Hickory programs is to learn strategies for their own healthy aging as well as to learn how to better provide caregiving support for family members. In 2013, 10% of the ACAP-Hickory attendees indicated concern about preparing for their own aging. In 2015, that percentage grew to 24%!


Here are some testimonials from current and past ACAPcommunity event attendees…


Thank you for all you do for the community. Rich and I have lost all four of our parents by now; but really appreciate the ACAP efforts on behalf of caregiver children. It matters A LOT!
Peg Hites

Community Leader, Hickory, NC

ACAP is great! The programs are always outstanding! In addition to the excellent speakers, I find that I learn lots simply from listening to the stories others share.
Mary G.

ACAP-Hickory Participant

Thanks for all the information! I have been struggling for quite some time and I need all the support that I can get. This (ACAP-Hickory) is a blessing. Thanks again!
Melissa H.

ACAP-Hickory Participant

Thank you for ACAP! The meetings go well beyond being informative. After just attending two, I feel more in balance (you offer resources), less isolated (actually meeting fun people in similar situations), and can find humor once again in my role.
Bethany H.

ACAP-Hickory Participant

Your agency provides valuable resources, encouragement and help to us as we support and love our aging parents. Thank you for this service. I will definitely be attending future meetings and telling others about your organization.
Ruthann Waters

First-time ACAP-Hickory attendee

I am new to caregiving, and I am just learning what I need to pack for the journey. ACAP has been essential to me as I learn what I need for the journey. Thank you ACAP!
ACAP-Hickory Participant

(From program feedback form)

I was attending mainly to benefit myself and my Dad as he faced many issues in older age. He passed in April. I want you to know how blessed I was to attend your sessions. There was wonderful information that was very helpful. Thank you for helping our community. God Bless.
Denise C.

Past ACAP-Hickory Participant

This [podcast — Caregiver Community: Welcomes and Introductions] was a great overview of ACAPcommunity. Its dual mission really hits the nail on the head. I would imagine that few listeners previously had foctored their own aging process into the equation as to how beneficial ACAPcommunity can be to them. I really appreciated the relevance of the terminology and the messages conveyed, such as: journey, spectrum, education/learning and support (tangible and intangible benefits), advocate rather than try to fix, toolbox, etc.
Joan G.

Podcast listener from Louisiana