Strategies for Effectively Managing Medications (plus an ice cream social)

This ACAP program will assist participants to demonstrate knowledge about: 1) The relationship between aging, missed medications, medication errors and non-compliance; 2) Strategies for assessing a parent’s physical, mental and environmental risk factors for missed medications, medication errors, and non-compliance; and 3) Specific and practical tips for preventing missed medications, medication errors, and non- compliance in the home and in the community.

Strategies for Effectively Managing Medications (plus an ice cream social)

PRESENTER: Eleanor Bird, Pharmacist

Eleanor Bird graduated from Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in 1984. She worked at CVS for nearly 40 years, retired, and then went to CVIM as their clinical pharmacist. She has volunteered for 15 medical mission trips to Nicaragua.

As our parents age, for a number of reasons, they may mismanage their medications, as evidenced by missed medications, medication errors, exacerbation or decline in medical conditions, and more. As a result, high rates of hospitalization and re-hospitalization are prevalent. Missed medications, medication errors, and non-compliance often stem from knowledge deficit, physical limitations, lack of access, forgetfulness, and/or just simply being overwhelmed with so many prescriptions or life, in general.

The good news is that there is medication management assistance available to prevent medication mishaps. Making even slight changes to a parent’s understanding, improving accessibility, providing organizational and reminder devices, arranging home delivery of prescriptions, etc., can help older loved ones remain safe, reduce potential hospitalizations and increase independence for longer periods of time.

This program will help adult-children understand that hospitalizations/re-hospitalizations, exacerbation of medical conditions, or declining medical conditions could be related to missed medications, medication errors, and medication non-compliance, most of which can be prevented. This program offers specific and practical tips that can be implemented by adult-children to keep their parents safely in the home and in the community.

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