4.3.4 ACAP Program Example

Print the pdf version of this document to include in your Presenter Packet. If you already know which program your presenter will offer, you may print the appropriate sheet from the ACAP Curriculum Guide.

Program 1.1 Finding and Using Senior Services in Your Local Community

Program Overview
As we age, most of us will identify service and support needs that will require us to engage with a new
system of services, to learn new terminology, and to communicate with a new set of professionals. We
may recognize these needs gradually for our parents, or for ourselves, and we may have time to
prepare. However, we also may have these needs thrust upon us following an accident, a medical
diagnosis, or a hospitalization. Either way, finding the appropriate agencies and professionals to address
these needs can be overwhelming to adult-children, their parents, and other family members.
Whenever possible, knowing where to go and whom to contact in the community before there is a crisis
is essential in helping adult-children and other family caregivers feel more informed and less stressed.
This introductory program will help participants to become more knowledgeable about the full array of
services and resources available in the local community for people who are aging and to help caregivers
wherever they are in their caregiving journey.

Participant Learning Outcomes
This ACAP program will assist participants to demonstrate knowledge about:
1) The array of government and private services and supports available in your community to assist
people who are aging and their caregivers;
2) Contact information and useful print and web-based materials to help you recognize and begin
addressing the service needs of your aging parents; and
3) The importance of identifying questions to ask and issues to consider as you choose and use
services to support your aging parents to address their physical and sensory changes, manage
their health and medical needs, organize their home care, plan alternative housing if needed,
document their legal wishes, seek nutrition and recreation opportunities, and address current
and anticipated transportation issues.

ACAPcommunity’s website provides excellent downloadable audio podcasts (“The Caregiver
Community”) to accompany programs included in this module.

AARP offers a wealth of information on all aspects of aging and caregiving. It is an excellent tool for
chapter coordinators and program facilitators to use to finalize the content for this program. It is also an
excellent website for caregivers to bookmark.

Governmental site for questions about Medicare eligibility, benefits, and services. It is a good resource
for caregivers to bookmark.

Governmental site for questions about Medicaid eligibility, benefits, and services. It is a good resource
for caregivers to bookmark.

Governmental site for questions about all social security programs: retirement, Supplemental Security
Income (SSI), and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). It is a good resource for caregivers to

Governmental site for veterans about eligibility, benefits, and services. It is a good resource for
caregivers who have family members with military service to bookmark.

Other online and app resources that may be helpful to support caregiving:
o Life 360-GPS tracking
o Lyft or Uber transportation services
o GoodRx.com for medication by mail delivery
o Zoom/Skype/Facetime to connect with family
o Telehealth option for doctor appointments
o Silver Surf App – to enlarge iPhone text and keys for better use of cell phones
o Other technologies: program Alexa/Siri for reminders for medications, exercise, inhaler use,
eating, bladder training, drinking water, etc.
o Life Alert for safety
o Medication management options to explore: pill boxes, local pharmacy delivery, home health to
assist with medication administration