4.5 Miscellaneous

ACAPcommunity Resources

501(c)3 Nonprofit Verification Letter

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

Media and Organizational Contacts – Shared by All Chapters

Preparing for Monthly Programs – Chart

Program Attendance Report – Shared by All Chapters

Sales and Promotions of Products and Services at Programs

Sales and Promotions Policy

W-9 Form

Chapter Coordinator Resources

Program RSVP List

Resources – Speakers, Sponsors, Publicity, and Leadership Team

Sample Program Facilitator Script

Finance Team Resources

Invoice Template

Personal Expense Reimbursement Form

Marketing Liaison Team Resources

Photo-Video-Audio Release Form

Programming Team Resources

Items Needed at Programs

Preparing for Monthly Programs – Chart

Presenter Authorization Form

Program Submission Form

Program Feedback Survey

Technology Team Resources

Instructions for Pre-Program Slide Deck

Pre-Program Looping Slide Deck (PowerPoint file to customize for your chapter)

StreamYard Training Document

Venue/Hospitality Team Resources

Selecting Your Program Venue

Venue Comparison Chart