Date: July 20, 2021
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Zoom online event
Hosted by Winston Salem Chapter

Presenter: Jaimee Lowman

Sometimes, conditions cause our aging parents or other elder loved ones to wind up at the hospital, either in the Emergency Department or admitted for several days. The complexity of healthcare these days can make the experience extremely confusing and stressful for the patient and for families. What do we need to know? Who can help? What’s the difference between being in the hospital for observation versus being admitted as a patient, and what are the ramifications of each of the scenarios? And, when it comes time for discharge, who can help put the pieces together?

In this session, Jaimee Lowman, Vice President of Support Services with AuthoraCare will help ACAP attendees:

  • Become familiar with the various hospital admissions statuses and what families need to know
  • Learn strategies families can do now before a hospital stay and documents that may be needed
  • Understand resources available to elder patients and families while at the hospital and after discharge and gain support for the caregiver role