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If you are interested in learning more about the impact of adult-child caregiving or developing an ACAP chapter in your community, please let us know! We will be happy to schedule a visit to your area to present programs tailored for your group and/or to discuss beginning an ACAP chapter for adult-chlidren in your area!

Communicating More Effectively with Mom and Dad

Effective communication is the cornerstone of all family relationships. It can be the source of misunderstanding and conflict that torpedoes relationships between adult children and their parents from peace time into full-blown war. Ironically, when this happens, communication is also the only thing that can bring your family back to peace time. Join Jane Everson and Frances Hall, two adult-child caregivers, as they share common communication scenarios between adult-child caregivers and their parents and discuss strategies for more effective communication and conflict management. Click to read more information about the ACAP presentations.

ACAPcommunity: Caring for Our Aging Parents and for Ourselves

No matter where you live or work, the world’s population is rapidly aging. In the United States alone, there are nearly 60 million adults age 60 and older – 18 percent of the nation’s population. Globally, these numbers are projected to rise dramatically over the next 20 years. We are living longer, largely as a result of advances in healthcare. However, our aging population is also creating historically unique challenges to families, the workforce, our medical and health care systems, and our caregiving culture. Adult-child caregivers, the majority of whom are working-age adults, are hit especially hard by these challenges. Join Frances Hall and Jane Everson, two adult-child caregivers, as they navigate the frequently mysterious, sometimes frightening, and often humorous world of caregiving. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities and parents and in-laws, this presentation is for you. Click to read more information about the ACAP presentations.

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