ACAP Curriculum

Educational programs are central to ACAPcommunity and its chapters. ACAPcommunity’s programs and other web-based materials (including new podcasts each month) are organized within a six-module curriculum (c) that has been validated by professionals and by adult child caregivers throughout the United States.

ACAPcommunity’s educational modules and programs are:

  1. Health, Medical and Community Information About Aging
    • Program 1.1 Choosing and Using Services in Your Community
    • Program 1.2 Overview of Prevalent Age-Related Health and Medical Conditions
    • Program 1.3 Finding Reliable Resources on the Internet
    • Program 1.4 Nutrition and Aging
  2. Financial and Legal Aspects of Aging
    • Program 2.1 Financial and Legal Documents Everyone Needs
    • Program 2.2 Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Federal and State Options
    • Program 2.3 Holding Difficult Discussions with Your Parents
  3. Managing Alzheimer’s and Other Age-Related Types of Dementia
    • Program 3.1 Overview of Alzheimer’s and Other Age-RelatedTypes of Dementia
    • Program 3.2 Managing Behaviors of Alzheimer’s and Other Age-Related Types of Dementia
    • Program 3.3 Being with a Parent in the World of Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia
  4. Housing and Transportation Options and Aging
    • Program 4.1 Aging in Place
    • Program 4.2 Overview of Residential Options
    • Program 4.3 Driving and Aging
  5. Psychological and Physical Aspects of Aging
    • Program 5.1 Psychological and Developmental Aspects of Aging
    • Program 5.2 Strategies for Preventing Falls
    • Program 5.3 Anxiety, Depression, and Aging
    • Program 5.4 Caregiver Compassion Fatigue
    • Program 5.5 Sensory Losses and Aging
  6. Family Dynamics and Aging
    • Program 6.1 What to Look for When Visiting Mom and Dad
    • Program 6.2 Setting Boundaries and Balancing Family
    • Program 6.3 Sibling Issues
    • Program 6.4 Caregiving at a Distance

Each module offers a minimum of three educational programs developed by experts in their fields and ready to be presented by facilitators in any ACAPcommunity chapter. Our programs address an array of topics and resources that adult-child caregivers in multiple states have told us they are interested in attending. Continually reviewed and expanded by the Advisory Council, ACAPcommunity’s educational programs reflect new and emerging data and evidence-based practices.

ACAPcommunity’s six-module curriculum, (c) 2014, including all program materials, is available to all ACAP chapters. For more information on becoming an ACAPcommunity chapter, please click here.

ACAPcommunity podcasts, designed to accompany monthly educational programs may be downloaded from this site (click here) or from Apple iTunes.