About ACAPcommunity

001 CrombieACAPcommunity (Adult Children of Aging Parents) was launched in 2012 as a community-based program in western North Carolina. The inaugural chapter, ACAP-Hickory, is located in Hickory, NC. ACAPcommunity provides a variety of services that offer information, resources, support and community for adult-children as we care for our aging parents and care for ourselves. Monthly educational programs, a validated curriculum presented by area experts, comprise the core of ACAPcommunity’s services. In addition to helping ACAPers learn to effectively care for parents, ACAPcommunity programs encourage adult-child caregivers to care for their own needs and prepare for their own aging. While focused on adult-child caregivers, ACAPcommunity programs are open to all who are interested.

Since beginning in the Hickory area, ACAPcommunity has grown tremendously, testimony to the significant need adult-children have for support during their journey with aging parents.  Read about the demographics of ACAP-Hickory participants and the program’s impact here.

ACAPcommunity’s unique guiding principles serve as its foundation. Read ACAP’s Guiding Principles

Frances Hall and Jane Everson, ACAPcommunity directors, know first-hand, the joy and privilege of journeying with aging parents.  They also understand some of the complexities and challenges of accompanying a parent as she/he ages.  Learn more about their stories as adult-children of aging parents and how and why they began ACAPcommunity.

Frances Saus Hall, M.Ed.
Co-Founder and Director of Community Development, ACAPcommunity
“When Mom moved from her home in Alabama to North Carolina at the age of 89, I wanted to help her with the huge adjustment. While trying to find appropriate resources, I discovered there were other faculty and staff at the university where I worked who also felt a need for support as they cared for their aging parents. Inviting colleagues to join me monthly for mutual support and educational programs about adult-child caregiving, ACAP (Adult Children of Aging Parents) began in 2010 on the university campus. Since launching it for the Hickory, NC area in 2012, ACAP has grown tremendously and continues to receive accolades for its strong, meaningful programs!” Before stopping work in great part to spend more time with her mother, Frances spent 30+ years in college/university administration (student services, admissions and advancement) as well as church-related and nonprofit organizational leadership. Frances lives in Morganton, North Carolina, with her husband and enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her husband, step-children, spouses and grandchildren, in addition to her mother.
Jane McVicker Everson, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Director of Curriculum Development, ACAP community
“I began attending ACAP programs in 2012, initially to educate myself and find support as I provided long-distance support for my parents who lived in the Washington, DC suburbs. After my father’s death in 2013, I began the process (which continues today!) of guiding my mother through grieving, down-sizing and planning a move to North Carolina to be closer to family.” Before joining ACAP, Jane was a university professor, author, and public speaker for 25 years. Her research focused on education and workforce development for adults, especially those with disabilities. Jane is currently interested in the challenges faced by people with disabilities and other adults as they age and seek work and home balance. She lives in Hickory, North Carolina with her husband and is now helping her mother prepare for a move from her home of 40 years. In her free time, Jane enjoys exploring vegetarian cooking and spending time with a menagerie of companion animals.